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Would a change in the breeding season help stem the serious decline in foal numbers?


Australian harness racing official’s have to face up to the fact that the decline in foal numbers is having a serious effect on field sizes and hence wagering revenues will ultimately be affected

This was predicted many years ago but nothing that has been done has reversed the downward trend

There are many reasons for the decline including the waning interest in the sport from the public at large and the drop off of smaller breeders and studs that simply can’t afford to compete

Industry participants are totally reliant upon administrators to bring the crowds back  to harness racing and apart from questioning/replacing the people at the helm have little influence on fixing this problem

However they may be able to help to some degree improve the perilous situation that will soon confront the industry – insufficient numbers of horses

Most people agree that one huge problem is that unless you breed or buy a yearling from one of the top North American stallions your chances of a worthwhile return on investment (money and time) are not that great

In addition a hefty percentage of the stallion fees heads back to North America which does not benefit our industry in the way Australian owned stallions ((Home bred or imported) would

So the question becomes would our industry be better off if we changed our breeding season similar to that of the North American Breeding season

This would mean

Harness Racing season runs from Jan 1st – December 31st each year

Breeding Season runs from February 1st – May 31st

Foals born January – thru April

Turn 2 y o between January thru April

Please discuss with your harness friends and feedback views (positive or negative) and any additional ideas you might have to Harness Bred

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