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Shepparton The Place To Be

My parents tell me one of my happiest moments they remember about my time as child was back in 1971 at the Shepparton Harness Racing Club the year that Deep Court won the Cup.

I was only two at the time and Dad had just purchased 2 tickets for him and mum (I was no charge) to come in and watch the mid-week races before the up and coming Shepparton Cup.

Mum had only walked 4-5 metres through the gates when her water broke in what was the early stages of the arrival of the world’s best little sister some 4 hours later at 11.05 pm at the Shepparton hospital.

I’ve been given two different accounts of how the night played out and I will share Mum’s version, as this day was very special to her having had three full on boys already, so the arrival of her first daughter was a night she would never forget.

Turns out Dad was more interested in arguing with the gate keeper about the merits of him getting a refund on mum’s ticket than getting her to hospital in a timely manner. After giving up on the refund, Dad’s next mission was how fast the green Kingswood they had could get to the hospital to unload mum so he could be back at the track before any more races would be missed. Mum’s of the view that the engine was never turned off, as apparently Dad pulled up out the front, left me in the running car, checked mum in and we, the boys, were headed back to the track in next to no time. While my dad spent the rest of the night studying the form and trying to find the next winner, I was in my element watching all the horses and picking up every torn up ticket that was left on the ground and giving them to my dad.  My wife struggles to believe l was a neat freak at some point in my life.


Deep Court went on to win the 1971 Cup and had a fantastic career of 90-32-13-7 for a total of $51,862. This very good horse was out of the U Scott mare Coronita NZ, a U301 mare that goes back to the mare Mavis Bingen like the two best from this U301 family Ideal Scott $585,863 & Tip Your Hat $547,140.

The real reason for this piece is that the Shepparton Harness Racing club is so important to many family’s, just like mine, and with their up and coming sale on the 23rd of this month at noon, l think it’s really important that we come out and support this very worthy sale. The funds that Shepparton raise from this sale are so necessary for the great work they do for the Harness Racing Community. It’s these not for profits organisations that, as an industry, we need to do more for. The likes of Robert Watson and the Sloys Company who have moved horses interstate to support this sale, should be congratulated and I hope buyers come forward and make the most of the sale that will see plenty of good opportunities for buyers. With a total of 91 lots and majority of the best stallions progeny represented, l can’t think of a better sale to support. Don’t forget the article back on 20 May by Cody Winnell highlighting the Group 2 winning filly, Imprincessgemma that was purchased out of this sale for $990 – a winner now of more than $35,000 from just 8 starts.


Let’s not forget Hectorjayjay winner of $994,84 is also a sales graduate along with trotting sensation Claudys Princess the mare by Bacadi Lindy that’s won $397,003 so far and is still racing well.

So I’m going to leave now and book the cheapest flights l can find. I look forward to seeing as many harness racing fans as possible on the day. For those of you who don’t know me, please come up and say hello. Look for the short, bald and little overweight bloke that had one coffee too many. Please see the link below, for your chance of finding a horse your family can enjoy.




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