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One breeders misfortune is another breeders opportunity

Time We Help A Mate…


Michael Taylor is a well known breeder & harness racing identity (and a great friend of Harnessbred.com).


For those who don’t know Michael, he is one of those blokes that lives and breathes the sport. He has had a heavy involvement for years as a major sponsor, owner of very good race horses (both pacing and trotting) and for several years was the rep for Nevele R in Australia. Currently Michael runs the bookings side of the business for Hara des Trotteurs who are taking the trotting industry by storm.


He is reluctantly reducing his broodmare team after receiving medical advice that he needs to slow down and lead a less stressful life while he’s in recovery from recent serious heart surgery.

He’s made the sad decision to cut back  on his numbers although has made it very clear to me once he’s on top of his health challenges he will be back bigger and better than ever given harness racing is in his DNA.


With more foals on the way (most to high quality stallions) this presents an opportunity to not only help out a great harness racing bloke but to add to your broodmare band.  You can benefit from Michael’s devotion to breeding quality stock will all listings below being open to reasonable offers to keep that ticker of Michael’s going for a few more years yet.



Trotting broodmares in foal to some of the best stallions are:



LIME AND LEMONADE (2009 – Bacardi Lindy – Gay Galleon): $4,000 ono

In foal to GREAT SUCCESS (LDOS 19/10/16)

1 win & 7 placings: $9,913. 2nds to class mares Vics Cheval & Paris Pepperell

2 foals – oldest 2 years

The mare above is from New Zealand’s best family N1. Family members included


Earl Of Mot 2003 (G N1) by Earl – T1:56.2 $535,756

Tussle 1976 1976 (F N1 ) by Tuft – T2:02.2 $562,175

Springbank Sam 2007 (G N1) by Sundon – T1:55.1US $474,420

Africa 1993 (F N1) by Chiola Hanover – T1:56.3US $341,434



MISS CEEJAY (2007 – Safely Kept – Whats Low): $10,000 ono

In foal to QUAKER JET (LDOS 13/12/16)


3 foals – 1 of racing age

The mare above is from the very strong New Zealand N18 family. This mare is closely related to horses like Joanie Toliver & Jumanji Franco. Other  family members included



Apre Ski 1971 (G N18 ) by Garrison Hanover – 1:56.0US $415,498

Bedrock Cafe 1996 (G N18) by Caprock – 1:52.4US $353,298

Hands Down 1975 (G N18) by Armbro Del – 1:59.7 $308,950

Jonells Son 1995 (G N18 ) by Embrace Me – 1:57.3 $284,143

Jack The Capricorn 2000 (G N18) by Wrestle – T2:01.4 $130,809

Lifes Reward 1993 (G N18) by Resonator – 1:54.2US $122,849

Jags Invasion 2007 (G N18) by Armbro Invasion – T1:56.5 $121,972



POIGNANT (2004 – Sundon – Be [Positive): $6,000 ono

In foal to USED TO ME (LDOS 07/12/16)


6 foals – 4 of racing age. 1 winner.

The mare above is from the N24 family. Family members included


Posimistic 2006 (G N24) by SJs Photo – T2:01.0 $126,788

Exuberant 1998 (G N24 ) by Extrovert – T2:06.4 $108,205

Gluteus Maximus 2004 (F N24 ) by Muscles Yankee – T1:59.6 $104,855


SUSUWE (2005 – Dream Vacation – Vein Of Gold): $10,000 ono

In foal to MUSCLE MASS (LDOS 16/11/16)

5 wins & 10 placings: $15,791

2 foals – none of racing age

The mare above is from the very good U58 family, Don’t forget this is Sundon’s own family. Other family members included


Sheemon 2009 (G U58) by Monarchy – T1:57.0 $544,919

King Denny 2010 (G U58) by Majestic Son – T1:55.9 $265,399

Sundon 1986 (M U58 ) by Arndon – T2:01.1 $264,085

Solar Fire 1994 (F U58 ) by Yankee Reb – T2:01.6 $214,200

Roydon Flash 2002 (G U58 ) by SJs Photo – T2:02.0 $210,514


Pacing broodmares:


CONNETIC SCORE (2002 – Pacific Rocket – Jean Score): $2,000 ono

Empty. Metro winner comes with a return service to Changeover

12 wins & 24 placings: $66,869

5 foals – 4 of racing age. 1 winner

Dam: Jean Score (11 foals – 8 winners, including Seelster Score: $228,622)


The mare above is from the good N3 family. Other family members included


Seelster Score 1998 (M N3) by Falcon Seelster – 1:52.1US $228,622

Celtic Ranger 1988 (M N3 ) by McKinzie Almahurst – 1:55.3US $124,977

Alistair Bromac 1998 (M N3 ) by Caprock – 1:58.9 $122,303


TIABAMBA (2009 – Urubamba – Panorama): $9,000 ono

In foal to A ROCKNROLL DANCE (LDOS 29/10/16) – Comes with $2,000 of SAMOS certificates

3 wins & 14 places: $10,803 (3rd in SA BOTRA 3yo Fillies Final)

1 foal – Not yet of racing age

Dam: Urubamba (6 foals – 4 winners, including Moyabamba: $83,242 & Quillabmaba: $63,955)


The mare above is from the good N60 family. Other family members included


Boss Atom 1998 (G N60) by Devils Adversary – 1:50.3US $226,357

Alpine Gold 2004 (F N60) by Life Sign – 1:52.1US $178,369

Daedalus 1996 (G N60) by Falcon Seelster – 1:52.3US $131,177

Tudor Hero 1984 (M N60 ) by Tudor Hanover – 2:00.1 $122,814

Alpine Fella 1982 (M N60 ) by Smooth Fella – 1:59.8 $102,071



For more information contact Dean on 0459 215 333



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