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My Best Mate

By Dean Baring

This photo was taken and supplied by Sally Burgess of Alabar Farms


The 1st  August 2017 will always remain a very sad day for myself and more importantly my best mate Andrew , when we buried his amazing dad Stan Taylor ( Mr Taylor, to me ) at the Carlyle Monumental Cemetery.


While Stan wasn’t a harness racing man, he does have one very intriguing nephew, that has a passion for the sport many people would envy . Rick Jones hails from Rutherglen which is one of Victoria’s ultimate wine and food destinations, boasting over 20 award-winning wineries, outstanding restaurants and cafes, and world-class local produce. Also home to some of the most picturesque camping, fishing, cycling, swimming and boating locations in Australia, Rutherglen is a truly perfect holiday destination. I think more importantly, it has some of the best farming country on the planet.

The future for harness racing in this region, that once had some real harness racing stars of the breeding and racing scene, looks lost… and it will take a serous re think at HRV on policy if these formerly breeding stronghold parts of Victoria can be reclaimed.


Anyway l’m getting off track…


At the service, my main role was to support my mate Andrew and his beautiful mum, Maureen (Mrs Taylor to me).  l did however run into my old mate Rick, whom I’ve not seen for years and more importantly his nephew Tim. I worked with Tim’s dad Tony ( a very successful funeral director now) back 20 or more years ago at the local CRT store.


Now the conversation between Rick ,Tim and myself (Tony was trying to look busy) didn’t take long to start talking all things harness racing. Tim started talking up this Mach Three gelding he had at home ,that he, his dad Tony and his Uncle Rick had bred out of a very good mare they had purchased for $8,000 called Karinda Gem.


Karinda Gem is from the A31 family, her second dam Lauricks Pride has done a great job and some of her descendants are below:


Bus to Harland 2005 (G A31 ) by Safely Kept – 1:55.6 $317,869

Robric Jonboy 1998 (G A31 ) by Walton Hanover – 1:58.1 $242,707

Her Sparky Self 1997 (F A31 ) by Exotic Earl – 1:58.8 $221,271

Send Me A Dream 1993 (G A31) by Sandman Hanover – 1:59.5 $163,044



Now, its true partnerships can be difficult to manage but the Jones boys have it nailed. The way l read it working is, Rick has an eye to identify horses with the right physical and genetic mix to make it onto the big stage. He is also very well connected in the sport . Tim has a real passion for animals and he really enjoys looking after and caring for all the horses’ needs on the property and  just loves the opportunity of farming in partnership with his Mum and Dad.


This of course leaves Tony and it’s his role to pay the bills and supply the feed. WIN, WIN l say (for Rick & Tim ). What’s really at play here, is that three family members have a common interest that is going to bring them all a lot of joy for years to come.


Now, Tim is a 24 year old that had never bred a horse before this Mach Three fella.  He had me and anyone within about 5 metres of us convinced, this horses had something special.

Take the time to watch the replay below and you too may be intoxicated by this exciting young gelding. I reckon the Jones boys have hit the jackpot, even if this horse never races again, this family is living the dream.


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