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Lazarus poised to become the richest offspring of Bettors Delight anywhere in the world

06 December 2017 | Alan Parker

With a first prize of $605,000 on offer in Friday night’s $1.1 million TABtouch Inter Dominion Grand Final a win will give star New Zealand stallion Lazarus the status of the richest offspring of Bettors Delight anywhere in the world regardless of the quirks caused by currency conversion between countries.

The pre-post favourite, Lazarus has never missed a placing in his entire career and has finished in the first two at 36 of his 39 starts to date and first place on Friday will take his stakes tally to $3,317,139.

Bettors Delight has sired 33 individuals which have each earned in excess of $1 million with 19 of them bred in the USA, 12 in New Zealand and two in Australia.

His two Australian bred sons are headed by dual Inter Dominion champion Beautide $2,183,132.

Currently the richest son of Bettors Delight is the American bred stallion All Bets Off with earnings of $2,932,554. The complete list of millionaires sired by Bettors Delight is as follows

Horse Name Sex   Year    Dam Sire of Dam Stakes
All Bets Off USA c 2011 Armbro Penelope USA Dexter Nukes USA $2,932,554
Darlins Delight USA f 2003 Town Pro USA Big Towner USA $2,901,926
Bettor Sweet USA g 2005 Sweet Future USA Falcons Future USA $2,782,353
Lazarus NZ c 2012 Bethany NZ Christian Cullen NZ $2,712,139
Southwind Tempo USA f 2004 Tsunami Hanover USA Artsplace USA $2,396,362
Betting Line USA c 2013 Heathers Western USA Western Hanover USA $2,238,518
Beautide g 2007 Gorse Bush Ticket To Heaven USA $2,183,132
Bettors Edge USA g 2009 Spring Wind USA Life Sign USA $2,010,627
Bit Of A Legend NZ c 2009 Sokys Legend NZ Sokys Atom USA $1,910,356
Adore Me NZ f 2009 Scuse Me NZ B Gs Bunny USA $1,677,032
Betterthancheddar USA c 2008 Lady Ashlee Ann USA Camtastic USA $1,636,086
Kenneth J USA c 2004 Advantest USA Artsplace USA $1,592,755
See You At Peelers USA f 2008 West Side Glory USA Western Ideal USA $1,573,260
Have Faith In Me NZ g 2011 Scuse Me NZ B Gs Bunny USA $1,444,872
Forensic Z Tam USA c 2004 Lady Indigo USA Falcon Seelster USA $1,346,924
L A Delight USA f 2013 West Of L A USA Western Hanover USA $1,296,724
Gold Ace NZ c 2007 Hill Of Gold NZ In The Pocket USA $1,247,053
Dynamic Youth USA g 2009 Always True USA Western Hanover USA $1,222,572
Vegas Vacation USA g 2010 Dont You Smile USA Grinfromeartoear USA $1,162,272
Domethatagain USA c 2009 Road Sign USA Life Sign USA $1,153,544
Tiger Tara NZ c 2010 Tara Gold NZ Dream Away USA $1,136,930
Venus Delight USA f 2010 Venus Killean USA Run The Table USA $1,135,356
Caribbean Blaster c 2007 Kalypso Safely Kept USA $1,113,677
Chicago Bull NZ g 2012 Chicago Blues NZ Christian Cullen NZ $1,112,069
Hulas Z Tam USA f 2007 Tsunami Hanover USA Artsplace USA $1,076,610
Fashion Delight USA g 2008 B Js Sunshine USA Artsplace USA $1,074,303
Arden Rooney NZ g 2009 Tosca Hanover NZ Walton Hanover USA $1,070,230
Symphony In Motion USA f 2004 Malocchio USA Albert Albert USA $1,065,949
Dream About Me NZ f 2012 Splendid Dreams NZ Dream Away USA $1,043,170
Bettor Cover Lover NZ f 2007 Front Cover Lover NZ Whats Next USA $1,026,427
Highview Tommy NZ c 2005 Baptism Of Fire NZ Christian Cullen NZ $1,021,904
Up Front Kellie Jo USA f 2006 Lifes Highway USA Life Sign USA $1,016,922
Ohoka Punter NZ c 2009 Millwood Minisota NZ Christian Cullen NZ $1,007,087

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