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InterDoms- Pizzuto’s secret plan

By Adam Hamilton

IT’S Inter Dominion final eve, so the rumours are flying thick and fast as usual.

Most of them surround polemarker Tiger Tara’s wellbeing and/or tactics from the prized pole draw.

Trainer Kevin Pizzuto has been sitting back and listening to speculation and theories all week.

One he will knock on the head is that Tiger Tara is feeling the effects of five funs already in this past month as well as all the travel to and from NZ and across to Perth.

“That’s rubbish. I’m telling you know he’s thriving on it,” he said. “I keep hearing how big a task I’ve set him, but he’s never been better.

“I know this will be his sixth run for the month, but I’m telling you now he’s as good as I’ve ever had him.”

So what about the tactics now Tiger Tara has draw most others dreamed about getting?

“I’m not telling anybody what we’re doing,” he said. “We’ve got the draw which gives us all the options – leading or handing-up. Everyone can speculate, but nobody but Todd (McCarthy, driver) and will know until they let the gate go.

“We’ve got a huge tactical advantage from the draw. Why would we show our hand?”

Most expect Tiger Tara to hold the lead given his great front-running form and love for small tracks like Gloucester Park.

If that happens, Chicago Bull gets the gun run on his back and the likes of Lazarus, Soho Tribeca and Lennytheshark have to jostle for spots outside him and in the running line.

But, if Tiger Tara takes a trail, the race changes – big time.

It would potentially put Chicago Bull back in an awkward three pegs spot.

And then Lazarus, Lennytheshark and Soho Tribeca would be a chance of getting the lead, which would significantly boost their chances.

In the case of Lazarus, you would think leading would make close to unbeatable.

On one hand it’s surprising Pizzuto isn’t just declaring his hand and saying Tiger Tara is definitely leading and holding the front.

On the other, by not doing so he’s got everybody guessing ahead of the best and most intriguing Inter Dominion final in modern history.

Bring it on.

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