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Don’t care about the very few breeders

A Michael Taylor Filly from the APG sale 2017

Yesterday  in a  story we did  http://www.harnessbred.com/horse-trading-at-its-best/  I made the statement below:


“Unfortunately, this trend of standing stallions in NZ in my opinion really does restrict the ability of mare owners in Australia to trade, buy and sell pregnant mares. This is a major issue that never gets mentioned outside of this network. No longer can this be over looked and Victoria needs to pull its socks up in this area. NSW and WA have a far more effective system in dealing with these matters. Please note, this restriction is for all stallions standing in NZ or any frozen Stallion in Australia apart from those who base their semen in NSW. This is just another policy that puts the mare owners last and it has got to stop.”


Now my in box is just about over flowing with messages of please explain, so I will try my best to clarify what l meant in the statement above.


Example 1.


If a Qld breeder is looking to improve their broodmare stocks and buys a pregnant mare that was joined in Victoria or any other state in Australia (apart from QLD) with semen from a  New Zealand based sire or any Stallion that has frozen semen in AUS (apart from Badlands Hanover & McArdle frozen semen which is based and registered in NSW), that foal will become a NOTHING BRED. I have had many conversations with representatives of Racing Qld about this issue and l get the feeling they just don’t understand the core problem or don’t care about the very few breeders left in that state.


Example 2.


If a Victorian breeder buyers a pregnant mare that’s was joined in WA,NSW,QLD with semen from a  New Zealand based sire or any Stallion that has frozen semen available in AUS (apart from Badlands Hanover & McArdle’s frozen semen which is based and registered in NSW) that foal again will be a NOTHING BRED.


Thank goodness NSW and WA don’t have the same restricted and punishing rules relating to moving pregnant mares into their states like the others. Shannon Nixon the President of Harness Breeders Victoria is about the only person l know who has stated publically, just how crazy this situation is. I would have thought HRV would be doing everything in its power to encourage all breeders in Victoria to go out and buy more pregnant mares to move into Victoria – apparently not.


A leading Victorian stud that just invested some serious money into a very nice mare that was joined at Pepper Tree Farms to Sportswriter (a stallion that who stood in NZ ) is now forced to transport the mare 320 km back to NSW, just a couple weeks before she foals otherwise it too will be a NOTHING BRED.


Is it just me or do mare owners and owners in general always seem to be the ones that the administrators are more than happy to have major obstacles placed in  front of them ?


Speaking of breeders and on a much more positive note, our great mate Michael Taylor (who just could be the craziest person l know) had a breeding double last night.  For a man that keeps investing all the money and time he has available to our sport, can we just say congratulations and thank you for the wonderful contribution you make to Harness Racing in this country.


Frank Borg who purchased this sales topping yearling ($14,500 ) from the Harnessbred.com  sale back in 2016 told me the day he bought this filly, she would go on win races.  Frank, you are on the money again. Auctioneer Adrian Hancock should also get a mention here – he award her best presented yearling on the day of the sale.

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