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This is the fifteenth of an occasional series of articles reviewing multiple classic producing broodmares with five or more offspring in results information as shown on the Classic Families (CF) database. A number of these mares won classic races, became the dams of classic winners/progeny and contributed to the genetic inheritance of numerous outstanding performers.


DRAW CARD (1989 Whats Next/Pentlands Image), New Zealand family of Regina (N10), unraced; 13 foals, 10 to race for 9 winners. Breeder : Summit Management Pty Ltd, N Rowlands Mgr VIC. Foals all bred by Rattray Family Trust, TAS except Drawadiamond, Grenadier Gold (GR & MJ Lethborg, TAS), King Carey (Gary Lethborg, TAS), Queen Carey (BJ Rattray, TAS)

Whats Next

Draw Card’s sire Whats Next was a super sire for Alabar Stud, by Meadow Skipper stallion Most Happy Fella (MHF) from a daughter of Bret Hanover in Backseat Driver. Prior to Whats Next, New York Motoring (also stood in New Zealand), Happy Talk, Keystone Scotch and even Smooth Fella for a season had been MHF’s Australian representatives. Troublemaker followed later before the influx of MHF line stallions descending through Cam Fella brought Fake Left, Exotic Earl and Armbro Operative to Australasian breeders.

What’s Next


Whats Next, 1:51,3US, $492,712, Canadian Confederation Cup, established a world record 1½m time of 2:53.1 in 1987. A leading Australian sire with numerous siring awards, he was the first sire to break $2m in earnings in an Australian season. Whats Next left 640 winners (613 Australia, 27 New Zealand; 9 in 1:55.0) including Golden Reign (millionaire, AUS/VIC Derbies, Treuer Memorial, TAS Pacing Championship, Victoria/SA Cups, ID Pacing Final), Mon Poppy Day (WA/TAS Derbies, WA Golden Nugget), Paris Affair (Hunter Cup), Bengeeman (AUST Pacing Championship), Croesus (Tatlow Memorial – 2c, APG – 3c), Earl Of Sheffield (Tatlow Memorial – 2c), Se Si Bon (VIC SS/Tatlow Memorial – 2f), Sir Lektor (Fremantle Cup). His broodmare credits totalling 847 (812 Australia, 35 New Zealand) included Bettor Cover Lover (millionaire, NZSS/Jewels – 2f, VIC Oaks, Queen Of Hearts twice, NZ Breeders Stakes), Henschke (SA Derby), Mother Courage (VIC SS – 2f, VIC/AUS Oaks), Nemeeshar (VIC SS – 3f), Royal Verdict (VIC SS/APG/Breeders Crown – 2c), Tandias Courage (VIC SS – 2f), Village Of Dreams (AUS Derby).


Dam Pentlands Image (Tarport Bret/Pentlands Lass), a half-sister to Bravado Vale (T2:03.4, $42,609, ID Trotters Consolation, Kilmore Trotters Cup), was unraced but a very good producing mare leaving 12 foals, 6 to race for 5 winners. From a successful branch of Regina family (see below), Pentlands Lass is a full sister to Wayville ID Heat winner Laradoc, both from Dillon Hall mare Dalgan Hall.


  • Frozen Credit. 2:02.5, $14,449, 11 TAS wins (2 Launceston), TAS Ulverstone Cup
  • Sorell Hanover, 2:04.6, $32,183, 16 TAS (6 Launceston/2 Hobart) wins, TAS 4yo Championship, Ulverstone Cup
  • Ritzy Rhythm, 2:02.4, $4,065, 3 TAS (1 Launceston) wins, dam of six winners
  1. Shaw Power, 2:01.3, $19,542, 6 TAS (5 Launceston/1 Hobart) wins
  2. Shaw To Explode, 1:59.1, $56,967, 14 (9 TAS [2 Hobart]/3 SA [1 Globe Derby]/2 VIC) wins
  3. Shaw Torque, 2:03.4, $21,662, 4 (3 TAS/1 VIC) wins; dam of winner, Hes Mine For Shaw, 1:59.4, $16,583, 3 (2 VIC/1 TAS at Launceston) wins
  4. Albert Shaw, 1:59.1, $66,834, 14 (7 TAS [3 Hobart/1 Launceston]/6 QLD [1 Albion Park]/1 VIC) wins
  5. Walton Shaw, 1:53.1US, $313,210, 42 (10 TAS [8 Launceston]/4 VIC at Moonee Valley/28 NA) wins, Jodies Babe FFA
  6. Falcon Shaw, 2:00.9, $13,678, 2 TAS (1 Hobart/1 Launceston) wins
  • Law Court, 2:00.0, $20,295, 7 TAS (2 Launceston) from 12 starts, TAS Coastal Pacing Thousand
  • Shaw To Be Good, 2:02.5, $16,911, 5 (3 TAS [2 Launceston/1 Hobart]/2 VIC) wins, dam of a winner, Shaw To Be King, 2:03.8, $8,566, 2 Launceston wins
  • Draw Card (see below), unraced
  • Attapinch, dam of a winner Elle Almahurst, 2:-03.1, $7,463, 1 win at Hobart; grand dam of Rattlesnake Billy, 2:06.8, $16,623, 4 TAS (3 Hobart) wins, Tibetsy, 2:02.5, $5,215, 1 Launceston win
  • Golden Shower, dam of winner, Karalta Rain, 2:08.4, $4,685, winner at Scottsdale


Draw Card was from the second crop of Whats Next and was purchased by champion Tasmanian horseman Barrie Rattray as part of the dispersal sale of breeding stock by Tasmanian breeder Gary Lethborg (Springfield). Draw Card has been Tasmanian Broodmare of the Year on multiple occasions.


Draw Card belongs to the family of Regina founded in Southland, NZ which has become well established in Australia. Standout descendants include— Il Vicolo (ten Group Ones including NZ Cup twice, NZFFA), Comedy Lad (Auckland Cup), Gotta Go Cullen (Auckland Cup, Messenger, NSW Derby, NZSS/NZ Championship – 2), Stunin Cullen (NZSS -3, GN Derby, Ballarat/Hunter Cups), Arden Rooney (NZ/Hunter Cups), Lauraella (NZ/GN Oaks, Nevele R Fillies), Logan Chief (NZFFA), Native Chief (NZ Derby, NZFFA), Garry Dillon (NZ Cup, ID Pacing Consolation), Black Watch (NZ Championship – 2), Seafield Hanover (GN Oaks), Honkin Vision (NZSS – 2c/3c, NZ Championship – 2/3), Bruce Hall (ID Pacing Consolation), Trusty Scot (NZ Cup/FFA, ID ht), Grand Mogul (ID Pacing ht/final, Easter Hcp), Super Gift (VIC Oaks), Smooth Falcon (VIC Derby), Pacific Flight (NZ Oaks), Night Allowance (ID Trotters Final), Megara/Veste (Caduceus Club Classic), Sovereign Hill/Dartmoor (AUST Pacing Championship), Fake Spirit (NSW Oaks), Coburg (NZ Breeders Stakes), Lettucerockthem (APG – 2c, NSW Breeders Challenge – 2c/3c/4h), Alta Christiano/Chicago Bull (WA Derby).


Note : classic winning progeny (six) of classic producing mare Draw Card are underlined.


The maternal line descendants of family of Draw Card follow – male progeny included :


  • Divas Delight, full sister in Bettor Draw, 1:54.1, $133,470, 16 (12 TAS [4 Hobart/4 Launceston]/3 QLD at Albion Park/1 NSW) wins
  • King Carey, full sister in Queen Carey, 1.57.1, $175,671, 38 (16 TAS [9 Launceston/4 Hobart]/11 SA [5 Globe Derby]/9 WA at Gloucester Park/2 VIC) wins, TAS features Crystal Stakes – 2, 3yo Championship, Sires Produce, Country Derby
  • Kings A Coach, full sister in Faithful Sally, 1:59.2, $60,604, 11 TAS (4 Hobart/5 Launceston) wins, TAS McKillop 4yo Classic


Draw Card’s fillies included :


  • Bettor Draw, 1:51.9, $241,448, 24 (12 TAS [8 Hobart/3 Launceston]/9 QLD at Albion Park/3 NSW at Menangle) wins, TAS Crystal Stakes
  • Faithful Sally, 1:59.6, $48,779, 8 TAS wins (4 Hobart/4 Launceston), dam of three winners
  1. Faithful Jet, 1:59.3, $55,724, 9 TAS wins (3 Hobart/6 Launceston)
  2. Hafter, 2:01.1, $39,148,8 TAS wins from 15 starts (3 Hobart/2 Launceston)
  3. Faithful Gabby, 1:57.3, $101,914, 12 TAS wins (4 Hobart/3 Launceston), TAS Princess of Pace – 3f, TAS SS – 4m

Guenevereslancelot, 1:59.9, $72,021, 12 TAS (6 Hobart/4 Launceston) wins, TAS Crystal Stakes, dam of four winners including

  1. Fowsands, 2:03.1, $24,410, 3 TAS wins with two at Launceston
  2. Miss Guenevere, 2:04.3, $26,153, 3 TAS wins, two at Hobart
  3. Itz Gemmas Delight, 2:02.3, $47,192, 8 TAS wins from 27 starts with three at Launceston
  4. Hilargi, 2:06.9, $10,191, two TAS wins
  • Public Persecution, 2:02.7, $63,659, 9 TAS (5 Hobart, 3 Launceston) wins, TAS Belmont – 2f, TAS SS/Bandbox Stakes- 3f, TAS Matron, dam of three winners
  1. Hestone, 2:01.1, $29,868, 3 TAS wins (2 Launceston/1 Hobart)
  2. Double Dee, 1:56.0, , $50,194, 7 (5 TAS [3 Launceston/2 Elwick]/2 NSW at Menangle) wins
  3. Fawzia, 2:00.9, $57,226, 6 TAS wins from 16 starts (5 Hobart/1 Launceston), TAS  Sweepstakes/SS – 2f

Queen Carey


  • Queen Carey, 1:56.3, $165,227, 18 (14 TAS [ 7 Hobart/6 Launceston]/4 VIC at Moonee Valley) wins, TAS Bandbox Stakes/Princess Of Pace – 3f, Granny Smith – 4m, George Johnson, VIC Blossom Lady. She also won the first race run at the new (20 0ctober 2005, day meeting) Elwick Hobart track, Paul Lennon/Jim Cox FFA mile in 1:56.3 ; dam of
  1. Devendra, 1:52.0, $405,319, 26 (18 TAS [7 Launceston, 6 Hobart]/5 NSW at Menangle/2 WA at Gloucester Park) wins, TAS Hutton 3yo Championship, TAS SS – 4h, Burnie/Carrie/Devonport Cups, NSW Smoken Up/Iraklis Championship, ID heats (2
  2. Estevao, 1:55.2, $67,078, 12 (6 TAS at Launceston/6 QLD [3 Albion Park]) wins
  3. Benediction, 1:57.8, $161,235, 19 TAS wins (10 Hobart/8 Launceston), TAS Sweepstakes/SS – 2f, Danbury/Hobart Pacing Cups
  • Cleora, 2:04.3, $26,226, 4 TAS wins with 1 at Hobart



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Peter Craig

18 October 2017



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