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Always B Miki to stand in AUS/NZ

Ok, I’ve been busted by a very astute APG TV fan with a very keen eye. So like all confessions best to give the whole story once and move on


The date was Saturday Febuary 25 this year and l was at the Ingis Sales Centre in Sydney and l noticed a very new sign announcing that Always B Miki’s frozen semen would be avalaible from Pepper Tree Farms for the up and coming breeding season. This troubled me, as l was only told a week earlier that the Pepper Tree Farms deal had not been signed and was in danger of not happening.


So I decided to tell a team member from Pepper Tree what l knew and l asked the question:  “was it a good idea that the sign stayed up?” They told me go get a drink and get out of the sun as l was so far off the mark it was not funny.


By 5 pm on that same day the news had got to Pepper Tree Farms from North America that the deal was on ice and it was in their best interest to take down the sign. l did watch with a touch of sadness as no-one likes to see deals change direction at the last moment.

Now, here is the bit where l need to join the dots as I’ve had to blend three different versions of the same story together and if I’ve got this wrong I do appologise to all parties involved.


Connections Of Always B Miki were told if his semen was to be only available in AUS via Pepper Tree as frozen they would stuggle to get more than 40 foals on the ground.


Alabar were quick to point out to the owners that they thought if the stallion was under their management fresh/chilled in AUS/NZ they would get north of 200 foals which would mean a far greater return for the North American connections.


To the best of my knowledge a very high level representative from Diamond Creek farms will arrive in New Zealand soon to take a tour of Alabar’s set up to report back to the connections of Always B Miki before the final decision is made.


Bottom line, is that Always B Miki will be available one way or the other for the 17/18 season.


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