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A very exciting race night just for 2yo’s

Above is a photo taken on Veron Downs Harness Track in New York, for those who aren’t familiar with the track please see the map below.

Please see the very short history of this place as taken from their own website:


Harness racing debuted at Vernon Downs on a revolutionary six-furlong oval. The first race on opening night, July 1, 1953, was won by Bob Abbe II. He paid $38.60 to win on a $2.00 wager. The track featured 24 barns each with 24 stalls and beautiful natural backdrop with hills and sprawling countryside. Over the years, Vernon Downs has been host to some of the biggest stars of the sport including Adios Harry, Niatross and Moni Maker. After suffering through financial hardships, New York City businessman and harness racing enthusiast Jeff Gural purchased the track out of bankruptcy in 2006, bringing a new, prosperous era of racing to Central New York. In recent years, the track has become home to some of the sport’s premier races including the Crawford Farms Trot, Muscle Hill and Zweig Memorial.




The real reason for me mentioning this track is that it was the scene on Friday night of a very interesting race card. All 10 races were for 2yo only and l found the results fascinating to say the least. The sire of every race winner on this night has strong ties to us down here in AUS/NZ. So let’s take a look at the night played out. Just remember the 2yo season is just starting to fire up in NA the sires tables will have some really interesting reading for the new Stallions who are trying to establish themselves.

Pet Rock



I do have a confession to make, both Betterthancheddar and Pet Rock have hardly ever been mentioned on this site. However, after these very good early results, I will promise to pay more attention to them both. The other horse that we should also be watching closely is A Rocknroll Dance, with three massive books in AUS/ NZ, I can’t wait to see how his 2yo’s go.


 A Rocknroll Dance


Please see below the results from the 10 races held for 2yo’s only on Friday night at Vernon Downs.


Sire Stakes Broodmare sire
Art Major $6,900 Matts Scooter
American Ideal $15,000 Bettors Delight
Roll With Joe $15,000 Western Ideal
Roll With Joe $15,000 Matts Scooter
American Ideal $15,000 Art Major
Betterthancheddar $27,750 Beach Towel
Rock N Roll $28,250 Western Hanover
Art Major $27,500 Bettors Delight
Betterthancheddar $28,250 Western Hanover
Betterthancheddar $6,900 Western Hanover



I really don’t want to get dragged into making a comment about all the people that are far from happy, with last weeks two stories that went on HRA from the north, I’m told they looked very much like well-paid and placed editorials about two Stallions that maybe under pressure for bookings this year. While it’s also not my place to run commentary on how HRA runs it site and about the privileges that they give some stallions owners over others,  the true reporting of stallion results is something l do care deeply about.


So in the interest of breeders in this country that are trying to separate the wheat from the chaff, I will keep a running table of the current 2yo results from NA. Please note the table l put together was completed just before the Vernon Downs results came to hand, however earlier next week those results will be updated.



The current and real 2yo Table from NA is below



Horse Name Age Sex Gait Sts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings Record Size Sire Broodmare Sire
MELANIE’S FRAN 2 G P 2 2 0 0 26,000 01:55.1 M Hypnotic Blue Chip Jennas Beach Boy
BORN TO BE BAD 2 H P 2 2 0 0 24,750 01:54.3 F Big Bad John Yankee Cruiser
BAD GIRLS RULE 2 M P 2 2 0 0 24,750 01:54.0 F World Of Rocknroll Allamerican Native
HURRIKANE EMPRESS 2 M P 3 2 0 0 23,000 01:53.1 M Hurrikane Kingcole Somebeachsomewhere
SECTIONLINE BIGRY 2 G P 2 1 1 0 22,375 01:54.2 F Pet Rock Cambest
J P SILVER 2 M P 2 2 0 0 22,004 01:55.4 F Mcardle Jet Laag
AIMS WHISPER 2 M P 2 2 0 0 21,500 01:53.2 F Bettors Delight Art Major
LATHER UP 2 H P 2 1 1 0 21,500 01:52.2 F Im Gorgeous In The Pocket
KAY AGAIN 2 M P 2 1 0 1 21,140 01:53.4 F Dragon Again Real Desire
DEE ROCKS 2 M P 4 4 0 0 20,500 01:54.1 S Rockin Image Incredible Finale
BIG BAD GOLDIE 2 M P 2 1 0 0 20,475 01:55.1 F Big Bad John Camluck
PRSNTPRETYNPERFECT 2 M P 1 1 0 0 20,000 01:55.4 F Big Bad John Towners Big Guy
SEEING EYE SINGLE 2 G P 1 1 0 0 20,000 01:53.1 F Dragon Again Shabalabadingdong
LETSALLROCK 2 G P 1 1 0 0 20,000 01:52.2 F Pet Rock Jennas Beach Boy
SIP AND A BITE 2 H P 1 1 0 0 20,000 01:54.0 F Im Gorgeous Western Hanover
HARAMBE DEO 2 H P 1 1 0 0 20,000 01:55.0 F Woodstock Camluck
ROCK ON CREEK 2 G P 1 1 0 0 20,000 01:55.1 F Pet Rock Modern Art
LUCILLE AMARONE 2 M P 1 1 0 0 20,000 01:55.2 F The Panderosa Pacific Rocket


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